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    Enterprises uniforms directly reflect the characteristics and management style of the enterprise. For business people, old-fashion style of the traditional uniform does not meet the market demand. So designers of Lilanz grasp what the time needs and design a brand new style of business clothing integrating the essence of the world clothing fashion and concept of simplicity and smooth.


    International quality system is adopted in quality control of the whole production process, including auxiliary materials stocking, sewing, ironing, packing until the products leave the factory. Self-inspection, mutual inspection, general inspection, sampling inspection before leaving the factory are applied in quality control of the products to ensure that there is no quality problem.Lilanz Uniform, which is upright, calm, elegant, easy-going and stable, represents the nobility of white-collar elites, and the decency of government enterprises and public officials., highlights the overall style of different groups and has been highly praised by consumers. The design of Lilanz Uniform combines both the element of men's strength in the 21st century and element of women's self-confidence when integrating the fashion and modern trends.


    Strength witnesses the brand. After years of hard work, Lilanz Customization Department have gained worldwide high praise by successfully providing satisfactory services for thousands of companies engaged in national public administration, finance, insurance, tobacco, food, medicine, transportation, telecommunications, postal services, electricity, schools, aviation, railway, highway and taxation.


Name: Miss Chen
Tel.: 0595—85618820
Fax: 0595—85622890
Mobile: 13655959598


During the launch of new products in each quarter, a lot of publicity materials (The Lilanz Newspaper, POP, posters, promotional items, etc.) of Lilanz Company will be sent to the shops and marketing guidance is also provided
Lilanz products are divided into two major categories, namely formal and casual. It has its own products all year round and accessories like ties, belts, socks and other matching products. Lilanz Men’s business and casual collection perfectly combine classics of traditional clothing and modern of casual wears integrating fashion pulse and the essence of fashion culture and adhering to the design concept of noble, grace, simplicity and elegance. Lilanz has formed a unique business casual clothing series with its style of simplicity, generosity and energy, and is suitable for the white-collar, successful business people and civil servants, who appreciate the modern culture and have distinct personality and taste, to freely and smoothly express their inner hearts whether in work or at home. “Simple Yet Sophisticated ". "Lilanz", initiator and pioneers of the concept of "business casual", is of a great significance in the development history of the apparel industry in China!
In 1998, Lilanz Company became the first apparel manufacturers authorized by ISO9002 quality system certification and product quality certification in Fujian, and successfully passed the version of the system and obtained the ISO9001: 2000 international "Quality System Certification" approved by China Quality Certification Center in 2003.
Order system management: Order Fair will be held for three times in spring-summer, autumn and winter annually, in March, May and September respectively. Products ordered in the Order Fair are those products specially designed corresponding to the season of the year. Places of the Order Fair will be determined based on the requirements of agents as well as conditions of the climate, transportation, etc., and the Order Fair is touring around major cities in the country. Agents, store managers, shopkeepers and some large team buying organizations are invited to attend the Order Fair.
Lilanz Company is responsible for national advertising, including promotion through the television, newspapers, magazines, billboard, light boxes, public sponsorship, and regional advertising approval by the company which will be partially paid by the company.
If you possess the necessary business management skills, have good communication skills, have a better understanding of the ideas and brand awareness of brand management and focus on the Lilanz brand monopoly business, you are welcome to join us. Please contact our agent at the provincial level for details of specific processes and conditions of joining. We wholeheartedly serve for you.
Joining Consulting Hotline: 0595-85622666 0595-85622999

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