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Established by Wang Dongxing, Wang Liangxing and Wang Congxing in 1987 Lilanz Group was the first in China to advocate the design concept of “business and leisure” for men’s clothing. After over two decades’ development, it led the way of business men’s clothing industry in China with the integration of design, R&D, production and marketing, and was listed as one of the “Small-Medium Enterprises with Most Potential in China” by Forbes in 2007 and 2008. Now there are brands such as Lilanz and L2 (sub-brand) under the Group.

The design philosophy of “Simple Yet Sophisticated” is also the core value of Lilanz that has been interpreted and displayed in the past over twenty years. To date, Lilanz has changed its design philosophies from “wisdom lies in making comprise” to “less is more”, then to “Infinite World, Infinite Heart”, and finally to “Simple Yet Sophisticated”. In such persistent search, compromise and innovation, Lilanz with typical Chinese wisdom brings businessmen all over the world a new experience with brand value.

Lilanz started its globalization strategy in 2008 by changing its trademark LILANG to LILANZ and designing its logo simpler, grander and more international .As Chinese top men’s clothing manufacturer, Lilanz succeeded in going public in Hong Kong and entered the international capital market in 2009, starting the capital upgrading of China's men’s clothing industry. After that, Lilanz enhanced its multi-brand operation and fostered new growth points by promptly exploring the huge market of medium-grade men’s business and leisure clothing with brand L2. In the future, Lilanz will enhance its management, marketing channel and brand strategy, play an active part in the fashion events, participate more frequently in the world-class fashion fairs and strengthen the right to say in the international fashion circle, so as to build its image and establish its position among the fashion circle of the world.

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