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PrivilegesPromotion Planning, Guidance, and Support for Festivals and New Product Launches
At the start of every season, LILANZ unveils exciting new collections, accompanied by an array of promotional materials, including magazines, posters, videos, and event guidebooks. These resources are made available to all our stores, providing a comprehensive toolkit for our sales teams.
Product Advantages/ Product Design and Development

LILANZ offers a diverse range of products under two major series: the main brand and Light Fashion. Throughout the year, we continuously introduce new products across various categories, staying attuned to the latest fashion trends while drawing inspiration from global fashion culture. Our design philosophy is centered around elegance, style, simplicity, and refinement. Our distinctive style is known for its clean lines, sophisticated details, and expressive elements, appealing to modern individuals who possess cultural depth, distinct personalities, and refined tastes. Whether it's for work or leisure, our products consistently deliver a comfortable and enjoyable experience. "Simple Yet Refined" serves as our guiding motto, propelling LILANZ to the forefront as a trailblazer and advocate of the "business casual" concept. Through our unwavering commitment, we are determined to leave an indelible mark in the history of China's apparel industry.

When it comes to product design and development, LILANZ places a strong emphasis on originality and innovation. Our commitment to exclusivity and forward-thinking is evident in every aspect, from in-house yarn sourcing, fabric selection, printing, and dyeing to meticulous laboratory testing. At the heart of our operations is our state-of-the-art fabric R&D center, equipped with cutting-edge technology such as fabric color matching systems and advanced printing machines. This allows us to take complete control over the fabric development process, starting from the very yarn, resulting in enhanced flexibility, superior product quality, and efficient cost management.

LILANZ has assembled an international R&D team, drawing inspiration and ideas from around the world, creating a high-end design team infused with the unique "LILANZ DNA", all contributing to original product designs.

LILANZ's intense focus on the fashion industry, combined with our dedication to original product upgrades, has led to younger, more fashionable, and diverse styles. Simultaneously, through supply chain innovation, we're committed to constructing a full industry chain, from independent R&D to independent sales, with a steadfast focus on delivering ultra-high cost-effective products and substantially enhancing our brand's core competitiveness.

Quality Advantages/ Guarantee of Product Quality
LILANZ became the first clothing manufacturer in Fujian Province to achieve ISO9002 quality system certification and product quality certification.
We were bestowed with the ISO9001:2000 International “Quality System Certification” by the China Quality Certification Center. Our company has been consistently recognized as an "Advanced Quality Management Entity".
Our laboratory gained accreditation from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).
We established a provincial-level academician workstation.

In 1998, LILANZ achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first clothing manufacturer in Fujian Province to be awarded the ISO9002 quality system certification and product quality certification. Building on this success, we smoothly transitioned to the ISO9001:2000 International “Quality System Certification” in 2003, granted by the esteemed China Quality Certification Center. Throughout the years, LILANZ has been recognized as an "Advanced Quality Management Entity" many times.

Presently, LILANZ boasts a nationally recognized fabric testing center, employing cutting-edge machinery to assess fabric composition, color fastness, pilling, and shrinkage to guarantee that our fabrics conform to national standards.

Ordering Advantages/ Supply Assurance and Provision
We host product ordering conferences three times a year, specifically for the spring/summer, autumn, and winter seasons. Typically held in March, May, and August, these conferences serve as a platform for agents, store managers, shop supervisors, and esteemed major group purchasing customers to participate in product selection and place orders for the current year.
Media Support
LILANZ is responsible for nationwide advertising, including television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, lightboxes, and public welfare sponsorships, and more. For regional advertising with company approval, we can share in the costs.
Welfare Sponsorships
0595 - 85622666 / 85622999
If you possess strong business management capabilities, effective communication skills, a clear vision and brand awareness for brand management, and the commitment to actively participate in LILANZ's specialized business, please do not hesitate to consult our franchise hotline. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service!